Biotech’s Largest Conference in Tweets

J.P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference and Biotech Showcases bring together public and private biotech and healthcare companies with a chance to interact with investors and executives from across the industry. The 33rd edition of the conference was held last week — January 12-15, 2015.

Here are a few tweets from #JPM15 that reflect the mood in the healthcare and the biotechnology industry right now.

Changing definitions

Our understanding of DNA is undergoing massive conceptual changes. Dogmas are being shattered, new rules being written, and new terminologies being assigned to old terms. In the first week of this year, central dogma of molecular biology was challenged yet again when it was found that a protein can direct formation of other proteins, a function long thought to be the exclusive property of messenger RNA.

More promises

Biotech failed to deliver on its over-hyped promises through the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. Many people fear, and justifiably so, that the fresh wave of promises could turn out to be over-hyped as well. But, the mood at the conference didn’t hint of it.

… and more excitement

On the contrary, it seems that venture capitalists are the most excited about investing in healthcare. Is the software bubble bursting? Yeah, it is and that’s a good thing.

Trend of the year?

The use of communication and IT to provide clinical health care at a distance. Efforts are on to remove the distance barrier in diverse areas such as pharmacy, trauma care, psychiatry, dermatology, ophthalmology to name a few. Recent interest by tech giants like Google and Apple is expected to change how healthcare is accessed by people who live in remote areas or require prolonged, critical care.

Public sector doesn’t look much good

Not only is the funding getting lesser, it’s moving up the age bar. More and more funds are being allotted to older academics.

Another sad part that fewer people talk about

Males dominate all STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) fields. Sadly, biotech is no different. We need to understand why women are leaving STEM jobs and brainstorm ways to revert this trend.

The future of pharma

Pharma executives speak on what they think will revolutionize the pharma industry in the next 10 years. Just over a minute of great ideas.


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