Taking Biotech to the Home

We have biotech all around in our homes. The fruits in our fridge were grown on trees that were resistant to pests and maybe had improved yield than the conventional. Many components of the soaps, shampoos and detergents in your house were processed using enzymes that were obtained from modified bacteria. Almost every time you pop-in a tablet, you have biotechnology to thank for. While these and many applications abound all around us, the underlying technology isn’t as perceptible. Biotech needs to be more visible.

A popular open source biotechnology blogger is on a personal endeavour to bring biotechnology to homes. Cathal Garvey, creator of the blog Indie Biotech is aggressively promoting DIY biology.  Rise of DIY biology has sparked renewed interest in biotechnology worldwide. Indie Biotech aims to provide affordable, open-source DNA development platforms, kits, strains for DIY biologists to learn engineering bacteria.

Here’s Garvey in a TED talk about bringing biotechnology into the home. 


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