Final Week @ IDEA – Venture!

After learning to design and build a start-up, the final week was about venturing out. Our mentors felt that we were able to build breakthrough start-up ideas and left everything on us. The hiring process, building prototypes, designing products and pitching it to investors. We chose our teams last Saturday and had the whole week to work on our start-up ideas. We had to submit our venture submission packets that consisted of our prototype, lean canvas model, splash page and pitch deck by Friday. Most teams took as late as Wednesday to finalize on their start-up ideas. The thought they put in proved to be worth the time put in. Some of the ideas turned out to be absolutely brilliant. Saturday was spent evaluating each others’ ideas. On Sunday, everyone got to impress potential investors who visited their tables. Top five teams, based on our evaluations, got to present to the jury. Of these, the top three won seed money.

IDEA Batch of 2014. Also, the first ever!
IDEA Batch of 2014. Also, the first ever!

Sum of the ideas I liked (the first being my own), explained in a line, were:

  • Paper-based bio-sensor to detect carbides in fruits by a change in colour on contact with exposed area of fruit.
  • A Coursera for the unskilled to train the front-line employees in an organization, resulting in improved user experience.
  • A community of users who pledge to keep their Wi-fi network accessible to other users from the community.
  • A user-based review system that provides free products to users, and cheaper feedback and publicity to brands.
  • An online platform to buy wigs, aimed at patients undergone chemotherapy.

and many more…


5 thoughts on “Final Week @ IDEA – Venture!

  1. Hmmmm.. this surely seems a fruitful event!! So who were the 3 ideas that got seed money? and how much?

  2. This sounds amazing!! It’s just unbelievable that people were able to come up with so many ideas in such less time !! So who were the people who got the seed funding.. and how much ?

  3. hmm…so mostly IT ventures were funded, yeah that money would be good enough for the project!! It projts are not that capital intensive if the team member know how to code !!

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