Synthetic Biology for Plant Scientists

Biofuels have failed to live up to thier promise. Genetic variability, inability to implement in current automobile infrastructure and low conversion rate are the major challenges in using them extensively. Production of secondary metabolites and ligno-cellulose from plants is a skill-intensive and costly process. One of the major challenges in the field remains the exclusive quantification of a particular product without forming by-products. Tools of synthetic biology can be employed to engineer metabolic networks to optimize production of the desired product.

The following presentation (exhibited by me and friends in Plant Tissue Culture tutorial) explains a novel approach to develop an artificial positive feedback loop to increase the accumulation of cell wall polysaccharides, while reducing lignin deposition.

Yang, Zhang, Scheller; Engineering secondary cell wall deposition in plants; Article first published online: 12 Nov 2012; doi: 10.1111/pbi.12016


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