Top Biotech Research Salaries

“Sometimes people ask me what field I’d be in if not computers. I think I’d be working in biotechnology. I expect to see breathtaking advances in medicine over the next two decades, and biotechnolgy researchers and companies will be at the centre of that progress.”

Bill Gates (New York Times, 1996)

Much of what Bill Gates prophesized is yet to be achieved. But, here are a few people who have been central to the growth of biotechnology over the last decade or so. Here is a list of top salaries that the leaders of world’s premier biotech research institutes take back home. The gallery here features the top 5. You can see the full top 20 list compiled by the Genetic Engineering News at their website here.

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Leroy Hood, my personal favourite, was ranked #17 at $382,844 in CY 2010. He is the President and Co-founder of Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle which is among the top 10 places for postdocs to work at. The institute (established in 2000) was the first ever for systems biology and is a pioneer in P4 medicine. I have earlier discussed the meaning of P4 medicine and the challenges to it in my posts.

Here is a map showing how to reach there for the WordPress Writing Challenge : Map it Out


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